Famous Musicians from Devon

The quiet countryside of Devon County is well known to be home to many famous musicians due to the quiet nature it brings. Some are known for being born in devon, and others have moved there later on to achieve a quitter peaceful life.

Here we look at some of the most famous musicians who reside in Devon.

Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy hails from Teignmouth in Devon and is famous for being the =lead vocalist, guitarist, and pianist of the award-winning rock band Muse. The band has won two Grammys, two Brit Awards, and five MTV Europe Music Awards, selling over 20 million albums worldwide. Muse is one of the most celebrated British rock bands.

Charlie Watts

The man, the legend, Charlie, watts from the Rolling Stones. Charlie resided in rural Devon, where he ran a horse stud farm. Charlie watts was not only the drummer for the rolling stones, but he also designed various sleeve designs for the band’s albums.

Joss Stone

Although not born in Devon, the singer relocated to Devon later on. She has enjoyed a successful music career and has become one of Britain’s most celebrated young female vocalists, winning many awards, including a Brit Award and a Grammy Award.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke is the frontman of internationally acclaimed Radiohead and hails from Exeter. One of the most popular songs from the band is also known to have been written there. The band has sold over 30 million records making them not only one of the most influential rock bands from devon but also one of the most successful and celebrated.

Kate Bush

The famous English singer was born in Bexleyheath but relocated to Devon early in 2004. Kate Bush is widely known for becoming the first female artist to win a UK number one hit with her self-composed hit single Wuthering Heights. All ten of her solo albums have reached the UK Top 10, including number one hit albums such as Never for Ever and Hounds of Love.

The musicians on this list are all born or reside in Devon and have contributed to the great love that the county has developed for their live music scene over the years.

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