As a Magazine about Devon’s music scene, we have a passion for all things local when it comes to entertainment. If you are just as passionate about Devon’s local music and artist, you will find many interesting articles to read here.

With the county of Devon being an important destination for music lovers and artists from all over the UK, there is a lot to learn about the role of music in the county. We cover all the most vital details and subjects regarding Devon and its music scene.

Live Music

Live music is one of the most important elements in live music and is no different in the county of Devon. Devon celebrates their history in music as well as building the present and future success of local musicians. Here at Mingle Music Magazine, you can find out all the details regarding the live music scene in Devon and how the industry has been facing challenges and success.

Musicians and Bands

Devon is the birthplace of many up and coming as well as legendary musicians. Some of the musicians who hail from Devon have reached international acclaim within their brand of music, and some still reside in the county. We cover details on all the famous musicians from Devon, what they are up to, and how their careers have grown since getting started with music in the county.

Gigs and Events

With the passion and love that devon residents have for music, the venues are always pumping with gigs and live music events. Due to the county being extremely varied with genres, you can expect to find the perfect gig to attend on any given day. We provide up to date details on all the most anticipated upcoming music in Devon and what to expect from them.

Help us share Devons up and coming music scene; visit Mingle Music Magazine frequently for up to date information on the music scene in devon, live shows, bands, musicians, and so much more.

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